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We are always interested in hearing your comments or questions about eZs3.

We usually respond the same day.

Please note:
We are based in the UK so telephone contact is not always ideal!

Support Tickets
Support tickets will ONLY be handled in the Support Forum and will not be handled via email or phone. This is because, when answering in the forum, we provide a knowledge base for all users, which allows us to be more efficient and keep our subscription fees low.

Mostly our service here at eZs3 just works!

Over the last several hundred or so memberships, we've found 4 common support issues which can be handled quickly and easily:

1 Can't connect eZs3 to Amazon S3 account - this is covered in our Amazon s3 Keys FAQ

2 Filenaming - often files can't be deleted, folders can't be accessed and all sorts of other problems arise because of the filenames used. Please follow the Meeting Amazon s3 file name protocols . Remember, filenaming and file management is your own responsibility

3 Mac users sometimes can't use our uploader - this is because the Mac platform updates are out of synch Java updates. Please see the Mac users here's what you need to know report

4 My video does not show

We find that the biggest cause of this is down to the file access Please check the File Access is set to Public Read

Don't use this form to send a tech support ticket - please use the eZs3 Support Forum

Do use this form for Account Issues



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