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What Happens When You Discontinue Your eZs3 Subscription?

You can discontinue your eZs3 membership at anytime

Of course, we hate to lose your custom. I hope that you'll give us a chance to fix whatever it is that makes us fall short of your expectations

Also, please note - once you have discontinued, you will not be able to:

* edit your players
* manage the special attributes
* view the stats and charts
* use the cloudfront management feature
... As all of these are unique to eZs3.

We will continue to host the eZs3 players you have made using our system, so they will still work on your sites - but the player design will change to an eZs3 branded player

You will still be able to access and edit your players until your unused membership has expired

The following links may also be useful:
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Only the account owner will be able to cancel. This is to protect your data and keys

To discontinue your subscription - you will need to confirm your password and simply update "Change Account Status" field.

Click this link and follow the process to CANCEL now...