There are two embed codes – a javascript one and a HTML one – which one should I use and why?


Five reasons to use the javascript embed code when you create your HTML5 compatible MP4 player

When you create a player at eZs3, you get two embed codes

One is in javascript code and the other is plain HTML code

You can see each of them by clicking on the tabs to switch between embed codes – when previewing your player

javascript embed code eZs3 HTML5 video

We recommend that you use the javascript embed code – and here’s why:-

  1. works on the iPad
  2. it auto-updates
  3. you can use a timed link
  4. premium features including the Overlay and the Underlay
  5. increased security
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I am running a campaign that closes in two weeks, can I automcatically switch off my videos with eZs3?

eZs3 alarm clock hotlink protector end date expire campaign custom message secure video

Running a campaign with a closing date?

Is it…

… introductory program?

…..a special offer?

… expiring deal?

…..a beta project?

…..a short-term venture?

None of these, but still want to automatically turn off your videos when you want?

With the Hot Link Protector you can set an end date and time (to whenever you choose) after which your video will stop working

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Got a big launch coming up? Want to show a custom message before? And then have your video automatically start at the right time?

eZs3 hotlink protector launch campaign start date time

Well, of course you do!

If you have a big launch coming up, the last thing you want to do is be pasting embed codes into webpages at midnight, hoping no one sees the page before you are ready to start taking orders

Imagine instead if you could paste your video into your webpage – weeks before your launch – and show a custom message in that space

And then, at the appointed day and time of your launch (which you have set) it – automatically – switches to a live video

Just think…

…..You can have all the web design tweaked and perfected way ahead of your launch

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Improved Hotlink Protector – protects your content even quicker to cripple video piracy!

ezs3 hotlink protector player file video security DRM

What does the Hot Link Protector (HLP) do?

Well, it stops video pirates from piggybacking your bandwidth

If a video thief finds the URL of your video file, they can link their own player to it – and you(!) have to pay for the hosting!

With the Hotlink Protector you can set your file to private, so others can’t download it

Then, we create a special expiring link that allows only your viewers access to the video via your player – so they can watch it through your channels solely

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Updating your Amazon S3 keys in your eZs3 account


Amazon S3 recommend that you periodically change your security credentials, to safeguard your account integrity

But you need to make sure that your keys are kept up-to-date at your eZs3 account, so you can continue uploading and navigating through your videos to create players

The first step is to create a new Secret Key at Amazon S3 (your Public Key stays the same – its like an account number, but your Security Key is like a PIN number – so you change it to keep your account safe)

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Increase your video security with Encode URL feature


So, keeping your video secure on the web is a major concern for you, right?

Here at eZs3 we like to provide as many features as possible, which when used together help to lock up your video

One of our cool little features is Encode to URL

You select this when you create your player (MP4, MP3, FLV), just by toggling the option and pasting in the web address where you will embed your video

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