The fastest way to build players… ever?


So you have a whole series of MP4 videos (or MP3 audios), and you just want to get them on to your website super quick?

Well, here’s the three step process to get you from a bunch of files on your PC to great looking videos on your website


Put all your videos into one folder on your desktop (or another easy to find place) and upload this whole folder into one of your S3 buckets using either the eZs3 Desktop File Manager or eZs3 Uploader

Why use the eZs3 uploaders? Well, we automatically set correct permissions and also check for invalid characters in your file names – saving you time!

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I want to use the same settings over and over for a video series, can I do this with eZs3?


Got a goldfish memory like me?

If you have a video series or collection that you want to match because they are on the same website, or part of a course – you don’t want to have to remember your settings each time – dimensions, colours, skin style, security features, Overlay and Underlay codes…

We have so many options at eZs3, that this list can quickly become overwhelming!

So instead, create a Quick Player – which is a template that you can use over and over again

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