Elastic Transcoder now available in eZs3 – create web-ready video in seconds!


Want to create videos that target the iPhone, web connected devices and PCs?

Ever had issues with your video not playing on a device? Or waiting ages for it to download before playback begins?

Well now you can use the Transcoder to create web-ready videos in seconds!

Choose a preset to target a particular device…

… and the Transcoder will create and upload your converted video to a folder of your choice.

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Top Ten Tips for Web Ready Video Summary

eZs3 ten top tips for web ready low bitrate low file size MP4 video

Over the last ten weeks we have brought you a top ten tip on how to optimize your video for the internet

These recommendations cover how to end up with a lightweight video that has been geared from shooting footage to production output to have a small filesize and bitrate – this means quicker playback for your viewers (no buffering) and less bandwidth costs for you

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Tip #8 – For video, 16 is the magic number

aspect ratio video 4:3 16:9 golden ratio

Tip #8 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #8 – Maintain original aspect ratio in multiples of 16

Here we will concentrate on MP4 video produced with a H.264 codec – this is the encoding we recommend, as it means your video will work across the widest range of devices possible, from 1080p TVs to tablets (iPad) and mobile devices (iPhone)

When you encode we recommend that you maintain your aspect ratio from editing

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of your video

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Tip #7 – Original always produces the best results


Tip #7 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #7 – Use your original footage whenever rendering your video into a final format

When you first render your video – you will definitely be using your original footage, straight from your video editing software

But when it comes to making a player on the internet, and previewing your video, you may realize you have some issues

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Get MP4 help from the Tag Cloud


At eZs3 we recommend using MP4 for the following reasons:-

– playback on all devices

since Apple announced that its new device – the iPhone (yes, some time ago!) – wouldn’t be supporting Flash, we recommended the switch to MP4, as this format is not Flash dependent. With the proliferation of iPhone, iPods and iPads, restricting yourself to Flash formats means that there is a huge audience you will be missing out on

– high quality, low bandwidth

MP4 allows you to achieve a high quality video stream in a relatively low bandwidth – giving your viewer a better experience and costing you less – and all round win-win

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eZs3 Skinning Service – get a beautiful, bespoke and branded skin designed today!


With the eZs3 skinning service you can get a unique skin for your MP4 videos and MP3 audios

You can choose existing designs that you like and we will launch your project from there, copying the colors of your website or corporate branding and adding the functionality that you want

You can then use this skin by simply clicking it when you create or edit a player – and it will use all of your settings instantly – so no need to add a watermark each time to include viral branding

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The Pauseless Player – the player that cannot be paused


Don’t want your viewers to be able to pause your video?

With the Frameless Player, not only can you use green screen video, or float your MP4 video across the top of a page, you can also prevent pausing

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The Frameless Player – step across the screen and into view!


Two weeks ago we launched the Frameless Player, but some of you might not know about it (if you missed the email and the pop-up message!)

The Frameless player has two possibilities – whether you decide to use MP4 or FLV

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MPEG-4 Visual codec could be stopping your MP4 video from working


So you’ve uploaded your video and now it’s just black… have you checked your codecs?

Your video worked on your computer, but now you have uploaded it and its just blank or black or you have fuzzy lines – or no sound, or blurred sound

On the web, there are different specs required for video and if you haven’t rendered your video to match these – it won’t work once online

Even though your have used the correct web-ready container – MP4 – the video and audio stream codecs within might not be suitable for playback online and on web-connected devices

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