Elastic Transcoder now available in eZs3 – create web-ready video in seconds!


Want to create videos that target the iPhone, web connected devices and PCs?

Ever had issues with your video not playing on a device? Or waiting ages for it to download before playback begins?

Well now you can use the Transcoder to create web-ready videos in seconds!

Choose a preset to target a particular device…

… and the Transcoder will create and upload your converted video to a folder of your choice.

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Fast Start in Apple Quicktime – how to solve your video loading torment and metadata misery

quicktime eZs3 faststart metadata not loading

If you have ever noticed that you are staring at the Quicktime logo for prolonged periods of time before your video loads, it could be related to a metadata issue.

Quicktime .mov files suffer from the same issues that plague .mp4 files, which is the location of the dreaded moov atom. The moov atom is a small portion of the metadata, which has the information needed to add the play controls to your video content. If you are hosting your content online for a progressive distribution and do not choose to place the moov atom at the front of the file, then you will get the long loading times where a the Quicktime logo will appear while the entire video is being downloaded into the browser’s cache.

There are fixes to this problem, but instead it is better to select the proper setting when exporting with Quicktime.

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Tip #7 – Original always produces the best results


Tip #7 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #7 – Use your original footage whenever rendering your video into a final format

When you first render your video – you will definitely be using your original footage, straight from your video editing software

But when it comes to making a player on the internet, and previewing your video, you may realize you have some issues

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How to avoid the top three torments at eZs3


Why is this post about torments? Well, you have made your video, it works great on your PC – but then once you have uploaded it, gone through the process of making a player and get to see your video, it doesn’t work!

You are calm at first, and try again perhaps – but still no luck. Maybe you upload another video, create a new player – yet it won’t work. You have spent ages just to get a video on your website, only to fall at the last hurdle. Now you are pulling your hair out, tormented by technology!

Well, never fear – solutions are here, techie tips to the rescue!

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