There are two embed codes – a javascript one and a HTML one – which one should I use and why?


Five reasons to use the javascript embed code when you create your HTML5 compatible MP4 player

When you create a player at eZs3, you get two embed codes

One is in javascript code and the other is plain HTML code

You can see each of them by clicking on the tabs to switch between embed codes – when previewing your player

javascript embed code eZs3 HTML5 video

We recommend that you use the javascript embed code – and here’s why:-

  1. works on the iPad
  2. it auto-updates
  3. you can use a timed link
  4. premium features including the Overlay and the Underlay
  5. increased security
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Get MP4 help from the Tag Cloud


At eZs3 we recommend using MP4 for the following reasons:-

– playback on all devices

since Apple announced that its new device – the iPhone (yes, some time ago!) – wouldn’t be supporting Flash, we recommended the switch to MP4, as this format is not Flash dependent. With the proliferation of iPhone, iPods and iPads, restricting yourself to Flash formats means that there is a huge audience you will be missing out on

– high quality, low bandwidth

MP4 allows you to achieve a high quality video stream in a relatively low bandwidth – giving your viewer a better experience and costing you less – and all round win-win

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eZs3 Skinning Service – get a beautiful, bespoke and branded skin designed today!


With the eZs3 skinning service you can get a unique skin for your MP4 videos and MP3 audios

You can choose existing designs that you like and we will launch your project from there, copying the colors of your website or corporate branding and adding the functionality that you want

You can then use this skin by simply clicking it when you create or edit a player – and it will use all of your settings instantly – so no need to add a watermark each time to include viral branding

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The world famous eZs3 one dollar trial – try out eZs3 for 14 days for only $1!


Firstly – you have to see all of the great eZs3 features here – eZs3 Features list – then you will see what eZs3 is offering, and what you can try out in our 14 day road test – FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR!

Also – learn how we link directly to your Amazon S3 account to give you full control of your media – Amazon S3 integration – so you manage your S3 account from inside the eZs3 homepage panel, including creating folders, uploading videos and setting up streaming CloudFronts


So, once you have had a look around the site and seen the premium features like:

And the standard features such as:

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HTML5 Playlists – group a series of your MP4 videos


eZs3 basic features include HTML5 playlists as standard

You can create these for MP4 videos or MP3 audios

(We have non-HTML5 playlists for FLV video files)

Because they are HTML5 comaptible, they will even work on the iPad

Creating them is so easy – just select one of our great looking HTML5 skins…










… Then drag and drop the players you want into the playlist

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Android users can no longer download Adobe Flash from the Google Play Store


Adobe Flash player is no longer available for download in Google Play Store for Android devices – including smart phones and tablets running on the platform.

Adobe announced in June that it would be dropping support for the next version of Android 4.1 – dubbed Jelly Bean. It said that this was because of unpredictable playback, as it had not certified the latest release, which requires extensive testing.

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