Creating a download link for your eZs3 media


Sometimes you might want your viewers to download your media instead of viewing it on the web

This is useful if your customer suffers from a slow internet connection speed and you want them to be able to watch it without stuttering or pausing to load

In eZs3 there are two ways to allow a user to download your media

1 – Create a Vidget

(What is a vidget? well, they are widgets for your videos – video+widget=Vidget!)

Add a download button to your video by creating a vidget. After you have created your player, you can choose from a whole range of widgets to add to your player and turn it into a Vidget!

You can change the colour of the text – and then drag and drop it where you want it to show near your player

In the image above you can see the text has been changed to a dark blue, and the link is below the player

2 – Create a download link

Create a more traditional download link which the user can click to begin download

Don’t forget, this is dependent on their browser settings – so they might need to right click and select ‘download’ or ‘save target as’ – otherwise the browser may begin trying to play the video instead

Learn more from our how to guide

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