Amazon announce even cheaper prices!


Amazon Web Services today announced even lower prices for your video storage – reducing your costs and saving you money!

eZs3 uses the global reach, reliability and scalability of Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) to host your videos – and then integrates its unique customisable player – to deliver your interactive video to your audience.

The new costs will be applied from 1st April 2014 – and will be automatically applied to your account, instantly saving you money.

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New – faster video playback for viewers in India


Amazon S3 have announced the addition of two more edge servers; located in Chennai and Mumbai, India

This adds more coverage to the existing network of 40 edge servers in the Amazon CloudFront service

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New CloudFront edge sever added – Seoul, Korea


Amazon S3 has just announced (today) a new edge server in their CloudFront service

It’s based in Seoul, Korea

It joins Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka as edge servers in Asia

This means your viewers in Asia can now expect even quicker playback and no stuttering or pausing from your video

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eZs3 integrate new main bucket location of Sydney Australia!

australia eZs3 bucket location sydney amazon aws

eZs3 have now integrated the latest location to be added by Amazon AWS, of Sydney, Australia

From now, our members can create buckets in the Sydney datacentre from their eZs3 control panel, and begin uploading videos today

The addition of another data centre takes the total number of main bucket locations up to eight, now spanning North and South America, Asia, Australasia and Europe

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Updating your Amazon S3 keys in your eZs3 account


Amazon S3 recommend that you periodically change your security credentials, to safeguard your account integrity

But you need to make sure that your keys are kept up-to-date at your eZs3 account, so you can continue uploading and navigating through your videos to create players

The first step is to create a new Secret Key at Amazon S3 (your Public Key stays the same – its like an account number, but your Security Key is like a PIN number – so you change it to keep your account safe)

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The three by three – Control your Amazon S3 account right from your eZs3 account


eZs3 let’s you link directly to your Amazon S3 account, so you can manage it inside your eZs3 account

With your lovely video you want to be able to organize, upload and distribute in as little time as possible

What can you do?

Here’s the three by three list – how you can manage the necessaries of your account for video, and the three ways we make it easy!

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