Get detailed stats on your viewers with Videolytics

Plug in to the power of Google Analytics
  • Is your video being paused or switched off after 3 seconds?
  • Do people re-watch your training or sales video?
  • Are they watching the video all the way through?Is one website gaining way more traffic than another?
  • Are you giving your videos to your affiliate network? Which affiliate is getting the best traffic?

You can find out the answers to these questions by plugging into the power of Google Analytics



You can set up a code to track all your videos, or create different ones so you can track one website, one video series or one particular video

Once you have added the code to a video, eZs3 will remember that code for you – so next time you want to track a video – you can select it from a simple dropdown box

You can turn tracking on or off easily when editing your players – so you can gather detailed statistics over time slots that are important to you

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