Convert viewers into sales with the Underlay

Now you can turn viewers into customers by showing a buy now button at the end of your video

In fact, you can show just about any kind of content once your video finishes

  • Show a buy now or PayPal button to make the close
  • Reveal a coupon or voucher
  • Have them join your list with an opt in form
  • Show your pricing table
  • Get them to click through to social networks and share your video


Alternatively you can re-direct your viewer as soon as the video finishes and take them to

  • a squeeze page
  • an offer page
  • a sign up page
  • any page you want!

The Underlay is really powerful, because you can use any raw HTML code – so if you can get the code for it – you can show it!

Want to see the Underlay in use for MP4 video and MP3 audio?

Check out example videos here


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