Grow your list with the Overlay

The Overlay is a premium feature at eZs3

It allows you to interrupt your video – at any point you want – to show an opt in form

Your video will then not continue until your viewer fills in the form

This way you can hold back the juiciest part of your video until your viewer subscribes to your list and becomes a follower

Then you can grow your list of newsletter subscribers, followers, beta testers, students and learners (the possibilities are endless!) for affiliate marketing, product releases, information alerts, related content… however you want to contact them

And you dont have to start afresh, creating a new list with us

Here at eZs3 we are flexible and want to work with what you already have, so all you need is the raw HTML code for your opt in form

You just paste it into a box when creating your player, enter the time you want the form to appear, and that’s it!

Want to see the Overlay in action? Check it out here

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