Stream your videos with Amazon CloudFront

You can stream your content across the world using Amazon CloudFront

eZs3 allows you to create, deploy and manage CloudFronts for your Amazon S3 buckets

You can choose whether or not to stream your content – and we automatically detect if devices do not accept incoming streams – then switch to default delivery – so your video will still rock!

Using Amazon CloudFront also means that your video is pushed out to edge servers all over the Earth – so your viewer will receive the stream from the server nearest to them – a shorter distance means faster loading and less buffering – great result for your viewer!

Streaming your video also increases security – as your video is not downloaded to the viewer’s cache – so they don’t receive a copy of your video

Further increase content by obfuscation and conceal the location of your file – this helps to prevent hotlinking and video pirates stealing your bandwidth

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