What are the cool features of eZs3?

Cool player features

  • Choose from over 16 player skins
  • Add branding to your video by including a watermark
  • Hide player controls so your video can’t be skipped or stopped

HTML5 compatible

Skins that allow your MP4 video and MP3 audio to play on mobiles, iPads, iPhones, smart phones, PCs, Macs and more


Stop pirates from hotinking your video and stealing your bandwidth; lock your player to your website, so no-one can re-use your embed code or add a clickable watermark logo. Stream your content and obfuscate your file’s location.

Quick Players

  • Create a player in 2 clicks using your favourite settings
  • Re-use your favorite template settings over and over

Bulk Creator

Create players for a whole batch of videos at once, saving a huge amount of time

Vidgets & Quick Vidgets

  • Add your own banner ads to your videos
  • Include favourite ratings, social media sharing buttons & share links
  • Create an RSS feed

Upload, convert & manage

  • Upload content to your Amazon S3 account
  • Manage your S3 files and folders
  • Convert your videos to MP4 to play on iPad and smartphones

Business Accounts

Add extra users to your account – ideal for your tech guy or video editor

Premium Features

  • *The Underlay* – show a buy now button, an opt in form or redirect to another URL
  • *The Overlay* – interrupt your video with an opt in form
  • *The Hot Link Protector* – stop thieves from stealing your bandwidth
  • *EASY Video Music* – royalty free intro and outro music for your videos
  • *Skinning Service* – have a unique skin designed to match your branding

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