What is eZs3?

eZs3 is a media service for independent producers who have their own Amazon S3 account and want to spend more time deploying their video & audio and less time programming

eZs3 offers a comprehensive tool-kit with a ‘push-button-easy’ dashboard where you can upload your web-ready media files then choose your player preferences – colours, designs, features etc…. even make them interactive!

eZs3 gives you an easy to use embed code that you simply paste into your web page – whatever your host, from membership sites and WordPress blogs to eBay sales pages

  • No middleman fees and charges
  • By having your own Amazon S3 account you pay the market rates direct from Amazon
  • You retain all your rights and intellectual property
  • You keep ownership of all your content – we only act as a gateway to your S3 account so you can manage your media
  • You get World Class server management and reliability
  • Amazon S3 have a 99.99% reliability guarantee and scalable services which automatically change to meet your needs

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