Elastic Transcoder now available in eZs3 – create web-ready video in seconds!


Want to create videos that target the iPhone, web connected devices and PCs?

Ever had issues with your video not playing on a device? Or waiting ages for it to download before playback begins?

Well now you can use the Transcoder to create web-ready videos in seconds!

Choose a preset to target a particular device…

… and the Transcoder will create and upload your converted video to a folder of your choice.

The video will also not have to wait for download for playback to begin as the metadata (including the moov atom) will be at the front of the video file.

There’s no need to purchase a premium feature – this service is already available in your eZs3 account!

All you need to do is activate the service in your Amazon AWS account – please see our guide here.

You will only pay for what you use, and the charges will be automatically added to your Amazon AWS billing fees. Pricing is based on quality and the length of your video in minutes.

*A handy tip – you don’t have to pay transferring fees if your input and output bucket are in the same region.* Check out the latest pricing here.

Learn more about the eZs3 presets (for targeting devices) and using the Transcoder here.

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