I am running a campaign that closes in two weeks, can I automcatically switch off my videos with eZs3?

eZs3 alarm clock hotlink protector end date expire campaign custom message secure video

Running a campaign with a closing date?

Is it…

…..an introductory program?

…..a special offer?

…..an expiring deal?

…..a beta project?

…..a short-term venture?

None of these, but still want to automatically turn off your videos when you want?

With the Hot Link Protector you can set an end date and time (to whenever you choose) after which your video will stop working

eZs3 hotlink protector end date time video secure DRM bandwidth

And once the video stops, you won’t even need to worry about quickly removing embed codes from your webpage or hiding broken content

Because, instead you can show a custom message

Using HTML you can show anything you like in the space where you video was

**This is a real example of the HLP with an expiry time**

You can show a message to disappointed customers, telling them when the next offer or deal will be available

Or you could link them to another service or item in your shopping cart

Or show them a coupon/voucher for your next launch/event and a link

You can be as creative with your marketing strategy as you like

Learn more about how the HLP also stops thieves from stealing your bandwidth

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