Tip #3 – Keep your story straight and stay focussed!


Tip #3 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #3 – Pan, zoom, change scene infrequently

Just as with minimize movement (Tip #2) this is all about reducing bit rate

If you can keep the amount of data the same from moment to moment, then your encoder (and decoder) have less work to do – so your video is lighter (less storage and bandwidth costs) and bit rate is lower (less choppy, less fuzzing, less blurring)

Make a storyboard of what you want to achieve in your video, and then try to cut the number of scenes in half – less is more

At the start of each shoot, make sure your camera is properly focused on the central character/item of the scene and use a tripod to keep the shot steady

Once you begin the shot with this main focus, stay there – don’t pan across into view or zoom in from a distance – these will up your bitrate and the time length of your video (more hosting fees!)

Close-up head shots are great for friendly introductions to your site, so start there, don’t walk into the scene

If you find that you need a lot of scene changes for your video, try splitting it up into a small series and then make these into a playlist – whilst you still have all your content, by making each video lighter, you ensure better playback for each portion of your content

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