eZs3 integrate new main bucket location of Sydney Australia!

australia eZs3 bucket location sydney amazon aws

eZs3 have now integrated the latest location to be added by Amazon AWS, of Sydney, Australia

From now, our members can create buckets in the Sydney datacentre from their eZs3 control panel, and begin uploading videos today

The addition of another data centre takes the total number of main bucket locations up to eight, now spanning North and South America, Asia, Australasia and Europe

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There are two embed codes – a javascript one and a HTML one – which one should I use and why?


Five reasons to use the javascript embed code when you create your HTML5 compatible MP4 player

When you create a player at eZs3, you get two embed codes

One is in javascript code and the other is plain HTML code

You can see each of them by clicking on the tabs to switch between embed codes – when previewing your player

javascript embed code eZs3 HTML5 video

We recommend that you use the javascript embed code – and here’s why:-

  1. works on the iPad
  2. it auto-updates
  3. you can use a timed link
  4. premium features including the Overlay and the Underlay
  5. increased security
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I am running a campaign that closes in two weeks, can I automcatically switch off my videos with eZs3?

eZs3 alarm clock hotlink protector end date expire campaign custom message secure video

Running a campaign with a closing date?

Is it…

…..an introductory program?

…..a special offer?

…..an expiring deal?

…..a beta project?

…..a short-term venture?

None of these, but still want to automatically turn off your videos when you want?

With the Hot Link Protector you can set an end date and time (to whenever you choose) after which your video will stop working

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Get your web team on board now by upgrading to an eZs3 business user account

business account ezs3 multiple users sub-user

Once you have shot your video footage you may have an editor (or editing team), a VA, a website manager/administrator and even your PA may need access from time to time

In this digital age, your team could be spread across the planet

How do you get all these people on board with your video without sending disks across the globe, having multiple phone calls and emails to find out progress and crossing language barriers (including geek speak!)?

By setting up an eZs3 business account you can give your whole team access to your videos

It makes the production stream much easier…

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