Got a big launch coming up? Want to show a custom message before? And then have your video automatically start at the right time?

eZs3 hotlink protector launch campaign start date time

Well, of course you do!

If you have a big launch coming up, the last thing you want to do is be pasting embed codes into webpages at midnight, hoping no one sees the page before you are ready to start taking orders

Imagine instead if you could paste your video into your webpage – weeks before your launch – and show a custom message in that space

And then, at the appointed day and time of your launch (which you have set) it – automatically – switches to a live video

Just think…

…..You can have all the web design tweaked and perfected way ahead of your launch

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Fast Start in Apple Quicktime – how to solve your video loading torment and metadata misery

quicktime eZs3 faststart metadata not loading

If you have ever noticed that you are staring at the Quicktime logo for prolonged periods of time before your video loads, it could be related to a metadata issue.

Quicktime .mov files suffer from the same issues that plague .mp4 files, which is the location of the dreaded moov atom. The moov atom is a small portion of the metadata, which has the information needed to add the play controls to your video content. If you are hosting your content online for a progressive distribution and do not choose to place the moov atom at the front of the file, then you will get the long loading times where a the Quicktime logo will appear while the entire video is being downloaded into the browser’s cache.

There are fixes to this problem, but instead it is better to select the proper setting when exporting with Quicktime.

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Improved Hotlink Protector – protects your content even quicker to cripple video piracy!

ezs3 hotlink protector player file video security DRM

What does the Hot Link Protector (HLP) do?

Well, it stops video pirates from piggybacking your bandwidth

If a video thief finds the URL of your video file, they can link their own player to it – and you(!) have to pay for the hosting!

With the Hotlink Protector you can set your file to private, so others can’t download it

Then, we create a special expiring link that allows only your viewers access to the video via your player – so they can watch it through your channels solely

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Top Ten Tips for Web Ready Video Summary

eZs3 ten top tips for web ready low bitrate low file size MP4 video

Over the last ten weeks we have brought you a top ten tip on how to optimize your video for the internet

These recommendations cover how to end up with a lightweight video that has been geared from shooting footage to production output to have a small filesize and bitrate – this means quicker playback for your viewers (no buffering) and less bandwidth costs for you

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I want my video to fill the screen – how do I get it to stretch out and go fullscreen?


When you create your player at eZs3, you usually create it with dimensions that fit into your webpage and can be viewed across a range of devices

But sometimes you will want your viewer to watch it back in full screen mode

However, when a viewer clicks on the full screen button, instead of the video stretching out to fill the whole screen – you have black lines around your video

Or your video stays the same size and the rest of the screen seems to turn black

fullscreen not enabled black lines eZs3 stretching

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Guest post by Derek Singleton: How to Shoot Professional-Looking Web Video Interviews

Derek Singleton from for

These days, recording a professional-looking internet video interview is becoming easier and cheaper. However, it is still easy to get things like lighting, studio set up and the background wrong. At Software Advice, we shoot a lot of web video, and we wanted to share tips we’ve learned from trial and error along the way. Here are five key areas to focus on to help you create great Web videos.

1. Getting the Studio Ready
For Skype video calling you’ll be sitting at a computer while engaging your colleagues. Think about your shooting area as a studio and consider its various components: the camera, microphone, background and lighting; and how you will account for each one.

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Tip #10 – Do it right, do it twice when you are encoding MP4 video

2-pass encode render for MP4 video in H264 codec

Tip #10 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #10 – Use 2-Pass or multi-pass encoding when you encode

Here is our final tip in the top ten tips series (try saying that quickly!)- like the last three we will concentrate on encoding (rendering) your video

Our last tip is to enable 2-Pass or multi-pass (depending on what your encoder calls it) when you produce your video

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Are you getting a video not found or access denied error message for S3 videos? Learn the quick fix!

Video not found access denied Amazon S3 eZs3 ACL permissions

If you are getting a video not found or access denied error message for your Amazon S3 videos, at eZs3 we have a quick fix for making sure this doesn’t happen again!

Firstly, what’s causing the error message?

Well, the permissions for your file are set to not allow users to view your video

Permissions are also called file access, ACL and rights to view

But what does that mean? And why does that happen?

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Tip #9 – Tick the CABAC box for picture perfect results

Enable CABAC or CAVLC in your MP4 H264 video

Tip #9 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #9 – Enable CABAC or CAVLC in your encoder

When you are encoding, your video is going to be compressed – this means that some data is going to be lost

Obviously, you want to keep this to a minimum, to reduce the amount of blurring and pixellation in your end product video

Most video encoders will have an option of CABAC – which you will need to tick when you create your video – with this enabled your video will play back on PCs and tablets and most smart phones

Use this for main and high level profiles (you can see these in Handbrake)

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Tip #8 – For video, 16 is the magic number

aspect ratio video 4:3 16:9 golden ratio

Tip #8 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #8 – Maintain original aspect ratio in multiples of 16

Here we will concentrate on MP4 video produced with a H.264 codec – this is the encoding we recommend, as it means your video will work across the widest range of devices possible, from 1080p TVs to tablets (iPad) and mobile devices (iPhone)

When you encode we recommend that you maintain your aspect ratio from editing

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of your video

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