New edge location of Madrid, Spain added to Amazon CloudFront for faster playback in Europe


Amazon AWS have announced another new edge location for their CloudFront service

The new location of Madrid, Spain means that even faster connection and playback is now possible in Europe

Amazon CloudFront is a network of ‘edge’ servers – when you have CloudFront enabled, all of your videos are copied to these edge servers

A viewer then accesses the closest version geographically when they watch your video – the shorter the distance your video file has to go, the quicker the playback and the less likely you are to have buffering or quality loss in your video

By adding even more edge server location, Amazon CloudFront continue to improve their service and so yours too!

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Tip #7 – Original always produces the best results


Tip #7 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #7 – Use your original footage whenever rendering your video into a final format

When you first render your video – you will definitely be using your original footage, straight from your video editing software

But when it comes to making a player on the internet, and previewing your video, you may realize you have some issues

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Tip #6 – Cut from scene to scene for a smooth finish


Tip #6 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #6 – When editing, use the cut transition

Tips one through five can be summarised as keeping everything to a minimum during your video – movement, colours, patterns, variations in light, panning and zooming

Hopefully by reading  tip #3 you have kept you scene changes to an absolute minimum Рthe less times you change scene, the less data is needed to encode your video, so you will have a smaller bitrate and also a smaller file size at the end (quicker playback for your viewer and cheaper hosting for you! A true win-win situation)

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Try to keep your bitrate low to stop your video loading slow


What is bitrate?

Bitrate is the amount of data transmitted each second for your video – the higher your bitrate, the slower your video will load – this can be seem in buffering, pausing and even blurring of your video

Bit rate can be lowered by following our top ten tips when creating and editing your video – aiming for a lower bitrate will reduce your hosting costs, bandwidth fees and speed up playback for your customers

At eZs3 we recommend a maximum of 5mb/minute

What does this mean?

Bitrate = filesize √∑ duration

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Tip #5 – No need to stand in a spotlight to shine, flat lighting is better!


Tip #5 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #5 – Use flat lighting in a simple location

The last four tips (#1, #2, #3, #4) have all covered how to reduce your final bitrate (and so speed up latency i.e. faster playback) during the filming process of your video

Well, this tip is no different – we have covered the best ways to shoot with your camera – what shots to avoid, how to minimize movement – and what to wear

But all of this will be for nothing if your set or location has bad lighting

Variation of light across your frame should be avoided – if you are inside, use large, multi-source lighting that gives an even wash of light – avoid single source lights that are above or to one side, such as desk lamps

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Get MP4 help from the Tag Cloud


At eZs3 we recommend using MP4 for the following reasons:-

– playback on all devices

since Apple announced that its new device – the iPhone (yes, some time ago!) – wouldn’t be supporting Flash, we recommended the switch to MP4, as this format is not Flash dependent. With the proliferation of iPhone, iPods and iPads, restricting yourself to Flash formats means that there is a huge audience you will be missing out on

– high quality, low bandwidth

MP4 allows you to achieve a high quality video stream in a relatively low bandwidth – giving your viewer a better experience and costing you less – and all round win-win

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Creating a download link for your eZs3 media


Sometimes you might want your viewers to download your media instead of viewing it on the web

This is useful if your customer suffers from a slow internet connection speed and you want them to be able to watch it without stuttering or pausing to load

In eZs3 there are two ways to allow a user to download your media

1 – Create a Vidget

(What is a vidget? well, they are widgets for your videos – video+widget=Vidget!)

Add a download button to your video by creating a vidget. After you have created your player, you can choose from a whole range of widgets to add to your player and turn it into a Vidget!

You can change the colour of the text – and then drag and drop it where you want it to show near your player

In the image above you can see the text has been changed to a dark blue, and the link is below the player

2 – Create a download link

Create a more traditional download link which the user can click to begin download

Don’t forget, this is dependent on their browser settings – so they might need to right click and select ‘download’ or ‘save target as’ – otherwise the browser may begin trying to play the video instead

Learn more from our how to guide

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Updating your Amazon S3 keys in your eZs3 account


Amazon S3 recommend that you periodically change your security credentials, to safeguard your account integrity

But you need to make sure that your keys are kept up-to-date at your eZs3 account, so you can continue uploading and navigating through your videos to create players

The first step is to create a new Secret Key at Amazon S3 (your Public Key stays the same – its like an account number, but your Security Key is like a PIN number – so you change it to keep your account safe)

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eZs3 Skinning Service – get a beautiful, bespoke and branded skin designed today!


With the eZs3 skinning service you can get a unique skin for your MP4 videos and MP3 audios

You can choose existing designs that you like and we will launch your project from there, copying the colors of your website or corporate branding and adding the functionality that you want

You can then use this skin by simply clicking it when you create or edit a player – and it will use all of your settings instantly – so no need to add a watermark each time to include viral branding

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The world famous eZs3 one dollar trial – try out eZs3 for 14 days for only $1!


Firstly – you have to see all of the great eZs3 features here – eZs3 Features list – then you will see what eZs3 is offering, and what you can try out in our 14 day road test – FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR!

Also – learn how we link directly to your Amazon S3 account to give you full control of your media – Amazon S3 integration – so you manage your S3 account from inside the eZs3 homepage panel, including creating folders, uploading videos and setting up streaming CloudFronts


So, once you have had a look around the site and seen the premium features like:

And the standard features such as:

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