Sharing your video with affiliates and want to auto-update the video?


Time saver tips are little tricks that you can use to make eZs3 even easier!

They are either little ways to cut down the amount of time you spend just getting your video out there…

…or tricks that can be used to speed up the process of making your players and managing your eZs3 account


This is a time-saver tip if you:-

  • share video with your affiliates
  • want to update a video across a range of websites quickly
  • don’t want to re-embed your video
  • are releasing a daily/weekly/frequent blog or status video
  • need to update your video pronto
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The three by three – Control your Amazon S3 account right from your eZs3 account


eZs3 let’s you link directly to your Amazon S3 account, so you can manage it inside your eZs3 account

With your lovely video you want to be able to organize, upload and distribute in as little time as possible

What can you do?

Here’s the three by three list – how you can manage the necessaries of your account for video, and the three ways we make it easy!

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HTML5 Playlists – group a series of your MP4 videos


eZs3 basic features include HTML5 playlists as standard

You can create these for MP4 videos or MP3 audios

(We have non-HTML5 playlists for FLV video files)

Because they are HTML5 comaptible, they will even work on the iPad

Creating them is so easy – just select one of our great looking HTML5 skins…










… Then drag and drop the players you want into the playlist

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The Hot Link Protector – stop video pirates from stealing your bandwidth!


Want to stop hot linking to your videos? Worried video pirates are stealing your bandwidth?

The Hot Link Protector allows you to set your video file to private, so that thieves can’t hotlink to it, and share it with their accomplices – whilst you pay for the bandwidth

Then, it creates an expiring link – which you can share with your legitimate customers – so they can watch your videos securely

*Bonus feature*

Set an expiry date and time and/or a start date and time

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Tip #3 – Keep your story straight and stay focussed!


Tip #3 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #3 – Pan, zoom, change scene infrequently

Just as with minimize movement (Tip #2) this is all about reducing bit rate

If you can keep the amount of data the same from moment to moment, then your encoder (and decoder) have less work to do – so your video is lighter (less storage and bandwidth costs) and bit rate is lower (less choppy, less fuzzing, less blurring)

Make a storyboard of what you want to achieve in your video, and then try to cut the number of scenes in half – less is more

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The fastest way to build players… ever?


So you have a whole series of MP4 videos (or MP3 audios), and you just want to get them on to your website super quick?

Well, here’s the three step process to get you from a bunch of files on your PC to great looking videos on your website


Put all your videos into one folder on your desktop (or another easy to find place) and upload this whole folder into one of your S3 buckets using either the eZs3 Desktop File Manager or eZs3 Uploader

Why use the eZs3 uploaders? Well, we automatically set correct permissions and also check for invalid characters in your file names – saving you time!

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The Frameless Player – step across the screen and into view!


Two weeks ago we launched the Frameless Player, but some of you might not know about it (if you missed the email and the pop-up message!)

The Frameless player has two possibilities – whether you decide to use MP4 or FLV

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Video from Mars – sadly, no little green men (or women)… yet…


We seem to be finally living in the future as we begin further exploring Earth’s cousin – the red planet – in search for signs of extra-terrestrial life

NASA’s Curiosity Rover is working through its systems’ checks, yesterday taking its first drive across the surface of Mars

And it was good news, all the hardware passed with flying colours

What’s more, the software has been working too – recording, encoding and relaying video across 140 millions miles and taking a whopping 14 minutes to arrive – at the speed of light

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How to avoid the top three torments at eZs3


Why is this post about torments? Well, you have made your video, it works great on your PC – but then once you have uploaded it, gone through the process of making a player and get to see your video, it doesn’t work!

You are calm at first, and try again perhaps – but still no luck. Maybe you upload another video, create a new player – yet it won’t work. You have spent ages just to get a video on your website, only to fall at the last hurdle. Now you are pulling your hair out, tormented by technology!

Well, never fear – solutions are here, techie tips to the rescue!

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I want to use the same settings over and over for a video series, can I do this with eZs3?


Got a goldfish memory like me?

If you have a video series or collection that you want to match because they are on the same website, or part of a course – you don’t want to have to remember your settings each time – dimensions, colours, skin style, security features, Overlay and Underlay codes…

We have so many options at eZs3, that this list can quickly become overwhelming!

So instead, create a Quick Player – which is a template that you can use over and over again

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