Fast Start in Apple Quicktime – how to solve your video loading torment and metadata misery

quicktime eZs3 faststart metadata not loading

If you have ever noticed that you are staring at the Quicktime logo for prolonged periods of time before your video loads, it could be related to a metadata issue.

Quicktime .mov files suffer from the same issues that plague .mp4 files, which is the location of the dreaded moov atom. The moov atom is a small portion of the metadata, which has the information needed to add the play controls to your video content. If you are hosting your content online for a progressive distribution and do not choose to place the moov atom at the front of the file, then you will get the long loading times where a the Quicktime logo will appear while the entire video is being downloaded into the browser’s cache.

There are fixes to this problem, but instead it is better to select the proper setting when exporting with Quicktime.

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I want my video to fill the screen – how do I get it to stretch out and go fullscreen?


When you create your player at eZs3, you usually create it with dimensions that fit into your webpage and can be viewed across a range of devices

But sometimes you will want your viewer to watch it back in full screen mode

However, when a viewer clicks on the full screen button, instead of the video stretching out to fill the whole screen – you have black lines around your video

Or your video stays the same size and the rest of the screen seems to turn black

fullscreen not enabled black lines eZs3 stretching

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Finding help at eZs3 – start with a search



At eZs3 we have been asked just about every question about Amazon S3, CloudFront, MP4, iPad, HTML5, Playlists, Security…

So we have three main areas where you can find help

1 – See other users’ issues

It’s quite likely that someone else at some point has had the same problem as you – whether it’s an uploading, playback or feature issue

You can view these in the support forum – accessible only to active eZs3 members

Each time we save the thread, so that future members can find help on common issues

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Sharing your video with affiliates and want to auto-update the video?


Time saver tips are little tricks that you can use to make eZs3 even easier!

They are either little ways to cut down the amount of time you spend just getting your video out there…

…or tricks that can be used to speed up the process of making your players and managing your eZs3 account


This is a time-saver tip if you:-

  • share video with your affiliates
  • want to update a video across a range of websites quickly
  • don’t want to re-embed your video
  • are releasing a daily/weekly/frequent blog or status video
  • need to update your video pronto
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The fastest way to build players… ever?


So you have a whole series of MP4 videos (or MP3 audios), and you just want to get them on to your website super quick?

Well, here’s the three step process to get you from a bunch of files on your PC to great looking videos on your website


Put all your videos into one folder on your desktop (or another easy to find place) and upload this whole folder into one of your S3 buckets using either the eZs3 Desktop File Manager or eZs3 Uploader

Why use the eZs3 uploaders? Well, we automatically set correct permissions and also check for invalid characters in your file names – saving you time!

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