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eZs3 Desktop File Manager

The new and improved Desktop File Manager!

Following feedback from you guys - our users - in the forum, we have improved usability and functionality of the eZs3 Desktop File Manager

**Don't forget to delete any old copies you have of the Desktop File Manager from your computer**

Remember To Get Your Amazon S3 Keys

WINDOWS File Manager MAC File Manager

Cool functionality of the Desktop File Manager:-

  1. Convert to MP4
    - convert your videos to MP4 so you can use HTML5 players, the Underlay and the Overlay

  2. Auto upload
    - set your video to automatically upload after converting to a folder of your choice

  3. Progress bar and options
    - see how far along your upload is, pause, resume, cancel and clear uploads

  4. Only accepted file and folder names can be used
    - if you try to upload a file that is incorrectly named, the Desktop File Manager will automatically re-name it
    - you also cannot upload or create folders that are incorrectly named

  5. File Permissions will be set to Public Access
    - all the recommended settings will be automatically applied so that your files won't be prevented from playing

'With the emergence of HTML5 and devices that are dependent such as iPhone and iPad - you need to be able to convert to MP4. We get lots of support forum issues for MP4 videos, from metadata to improper codecs. That's why we have added the video converter - to make it even easier for our users.' - Tom, founder of eZs3

Click to watch the tutorial on using the new video converter feature

Please remember to post some feedback in the forum :-)


WINDOWS - Downloading and setting up the Desktop File Manager

Here's the steps:
1. Download the Zip
2. Unzip
3. You will need to copy your S3 keys (from http://aws.amazon.com - your account)
- How to get your keys
4. Run the application - use the handy Desktop Icon
5. Paste your keys into the form that shows

This is the Desktop Icon - click to run File Manager

Form that shows

Enter your keys - the program will automatically save them for when you run it again

Enter your eZs3 username and password

Once you are in you will see this screen

After that, it's pretty similar to the Java uploader

Don't forget that you must click on both a file / folder in the left hand column of items on your PC, and then you must navigate into one of your S3 folders in the right hand column - so that a folder is selected in both sides of the uploader

Once you have done that the arrows will turn from red to green and you will be able to begin uploading