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Our Guarantee

eZs3 is an online application and service dedicated to making the uploading, management and deployment of media files using Amazon S3 hosting, easy.

We are not hosts - In our unique set-up, you must have your own Amazon S3 hosting account and they provide your hosting and bandwidth services. They have world class experience in server management, maintenance and servicing. They offer a 99.9% Guarantee in their Service Level Agreement

The 3 main benefits of using Amazon S3 to host media files versus using your web-site host:

  1. They can be uploaded once and placed on multiple sites - saving time
  2. They can be deployed and managed from one central administration - saving time
  3. Pay as you go rates from Amazon means success or high usage of the file is not 'punished' by a hike in fees or by non-delivery of the media having 'exceeded allowed bandwidth'

We feel certain your membership of this site will enable you to make the most of your Amazon S3 hosting account and provide you with information you can use to improve your media deployment.

However, you are ultimately responsible for your own business success and happiness.

For this reason, this site's subscription fees are neither refundable nor transferable.

Subscription fees may be deductible as a business expense. Check with your tax consultant or accountant for advice on this issue.