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Amazon File Management

  • Amazon have some strict file policies which you may not have studied.
    As there are many services helping people to use Amazon s3 which do not point out these restrictions, we have covered them Amazon s3 Protocols.

  • Most third-party file uploading services for S3, set the Public File Access to 'Private' by default.
    This means your videos cannot be viewed online.

  • To save you time and trouble, please read this guide: Amazon s3 Protocols
  • Registration/Login
    This is a subscription web site. To access the resources within this site, you have to subscribe.

    To subscribe:

    1. Visit the Features page, so you can see all the things members of this site get.

    2. Complete the Subscription Application. You will be prompted for your name, email address, desired screen name and desired password.

      It is important that you enter your real email address on this screen, because it is used to send you a registration email message containing your account authorization code and further instructions.

      By completing the Subscription Application you agree to the terms of our Subscriber Rules

    3. Account Activation
      After submitting your application, you will see a message on the screen indicating whether your subscription was successfully processed..

      If it was, you will receive an email message containing your UserName and Password (chosen by you). You may log into the Subscribers Area anytime after your subscription has been approved.

    4. Login
      You must be a registered subscriber before logging into the Subscribers Area. Clicking on any item on the main page will automatically take you to the Login Screen. The login program will prompt you for your UserName and Password.

      Important: "Cookies" must be enabled in your browser before logging in and/or posting. Your login status is passed via cookie by the login program to the posting program.

    Security & Password Sharing
    For your protection we have a comprehensive security system. It will detect multiple logins to an account and will instantly lock the account for 24 hours
    Do not share your login details with anyone - this puts your personal information, account information and s3 keys at risk. Instead upgrade to multiple-user plans here

    Lost your UserName or password?
    If you've lost (or did not receive) your 'Welcome New Subscriber' email, or if you've forgotten your username or password, you can use the Lost Password feature on the login page to receive an automatic email message (sent to your originally registered email address) of your registration record. Privacy Policy

    We respect your privacy and will never provide details about you to anyone without your permission. For full details see our Privacy Policy.

    Subscriber Rules
    Broadly stated, the goals of this site are to provide subscribers with the information and resources described in the Subscription Information page. In return, we expect you to abide by a few simple rules.

    These guidelines are intended to help maintain a useful amount of order. These rules may be revised without notice.

    Discussion Forums
    The discussion forums are provided as a way for you to ask questions, seek opinions, offer advice, and in generally connect with other subscribers. In order for the discussion forums to work, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

    • Do lead by example - Nothing improves a forum more than posters who reason sharply, write well, and have some perspective about it all. Be one of them.

    • Do keep it clean - A differance of opinion between subscribers is acceptable, but refrain from abusive attacks, engaging in senseless flame wars, and using profane language.

    • Do use common sense - If you read a post that sounds too good or strange to be true, it probably is.

    • Do stay on topic - If you are going to reply to a post, make sure you are placing it in the correct area. Use the reply button below the original post.

    • Do not post commercial messages. This means don't use the discussion forums for self promotion.

    • Don't spam - Post your message once

    • Don't violate poster privacy - Don't reveal online private or personal information of another individual. If you are asked for a friend's email address, the best advice usually is to forward the request to the friend. He or she can then decide whether to respond.

    • Don't play games - Don't represent yourself as another person, create or use another screen name to avoid a revocation of posting privileges, misrepresent the site or your role in it, and don't misattribute a contribution you've made.

    • Don't be a whiner - If you really, really find this site not to your liking, let the webmaster know directly, learn to live with it, or move along.

    We've made it really easy to leave eZs3, as this makes us try harder to keep you!

    • The mediia you have uploaded to your Amazon s3 account is still there and Amazon will continue to invoice you for their hosting. Amazon will charge you for any bandwidth you use

    • All your Amazon s3 settings and Cloudfronts etc - remain as they are. You will need an alternative tool to manage them

    • You will NOT be able to access your player statistics as they will no longer be collected

    • You will NOT be able to edit any of your players after your subscription period has expired

    • You will have a choice of 2 options:
    • *1 Your players will continue to play - but they will be 'downgraded' to the eZs3 free player (which is supported by advertising). You only have access to guidance from the extensive tutorials and guides we have in your plan area. Support is a privilige for paying subscribers!Free members must go here to get help

      *2 You can delete all your players before you leave, wiping your account (remember to edit your web pages) Again, you will need an alternate S3 management tool

    Terms of Use
    Please also see our Terms of Use

    Contact Us
    You can contact us via email using the Contact Form.

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    OS X Allow All Applications - Desktop File Manager
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