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Introducing the FRAMELESS PLAYER - strictly for professionals only!


Affiliate Masters & Video Marketing Professionals

At last... NOW you have the control you always wanted with your video presentations!

Instantly grab your viewers' attention, when you want it and exactly where you want it!

Target your messages - without having to give up precious web-space or proven working copy

A Video Optin System!

Introducing the Frameless player skin.
A powerful new way to connect with your audience.

Marketing Pros will understand the extra leverage they can use when using a system that allows for a specific video to 'float' onto a web page... including partner and affiliate pages!

Combined with the Underlay and Overlay, a video marketing pro can directly target and interact with the viewer with specific promotions and offers...

Why is the Frameless Player more effective than a 'traditional' player skin?

Put simply - you don't have to 'fix' your message to any one place.. it 'float' over the web page.. and so opens up many new opportunities to engage with the viewer

Also, if your affiliate bloggers have already sold their ad-space.. you can now offer extra income opportunities to them!

And.. for those who can use and work with 'Green Screen and Alpha Channel' to create a Transparent Background, you can with a bit of imagination, craft a presentation that is unique in your field!

When other people have used a transparent background - with little imagination - they have simply put a spokesperson on their home page... ?

Instead that video should be'floated' on a partners page - sending affiliated traffic

Or.. better still.. why use a person at all.. why not use a cat, dog, hippo, duck or other avatar?

And why send them anywhere... Put the list builder, buy now our coupon right there in the video!


The frameless player is intended for video marketing pros only
We do not provide support for Green Screen productions or Alpha Channel editing
Green screen is only available for FLV videos. MP4 videos will have a background.

Special features of the Frameless Player:-

  • Video 'floats' over the page
  • Your video will appear over your content - right at the front of the screen

    You can use green screen technology to step out onto your webpage

  • You choose where - top, bottom, middle, left, right
  • Choose from 9 positions of where to place your video

  • Move with scrolling
  • If your viewer scrolls up, down or across during your video - your video will move with the screen to stay in the same position - so your video can't be ignored

  • Video cannot be paused
  • Your video cannot be paused by clicking on it - so it will run through uninterrupted

Plus the Frameless Player is compatible with all the other premium features:-

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Purchase the Frameless Player!