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Uploading your Files to Amazon S3, using the eZs3 Uploader

Uploading files with eZs3 is easy; all you need to do is drag and drop files using the eZs3 Uploader.


**Make sure you have created a folder first to upload your video to.
You must also follow certain rules for file names.
See File naming and Folders if you haven't already.**

Click on Upload Files.

The eZs3 Uploader will then open.

Files and folders on your PC are shown in the left hand list. Files and folders on your Amazon S3 account are on the right. Open the folder you want to upload to (on the right) by double clicking it.

When uploading a Camtasia Studio Production, you must upload the whole folder that is created when you render the video.

To upload, simply select the file or folder from the left; then drag and drop into the folder on the right.

You can
- select individual files to upload
- upload entire folders
- upload a selection of files; do this by holding down Ctrl whilst selecting files. Selected files are highlighted in black.

Instead of drag and drop, you can also select files to upload and click the upload button (shown in red.)

Remember to check your file follows Amazon's strict filenaming requirements. The single biggest mistake is to have spaces in the filename:

my first video.flv

It is OK to have this on your PC.. but online you must connect the words:


(underscore is the most reliable connecting character)

If the files are large, it may take some time. DO NOT close the uploader until the process bar at the bottom reads Upload Process Complete.

Once the upload is complete, you can close the uploader.

You are now ready to create players for your videos, pictures and audio.