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Would you like your online videos to have the same protection that Oprah, Judge Judy and Jerry Springer use? ...Well you can with Viral Branding from eZs3

Not all video players are created equal! Using eZs3 Viral Branding you can protect your s3 videos with the same 'video bug' technique used by Oprah, Jerry Springer and Judge Judy!

You can also make your videos interactive and turn your viewers into directed traffic, by adding a hyperlink to the graphic

Part 1 - Introducing the 'Video Bug' concept

If you have seen Oprah or Jerry Springer on TV, you will have seen their respective logos on-screen.

This is called a Video Bug

The protection is simple - if some-one records the show, the bug will always be part of that recording

Here's why it is a great advantage for online videos

Whatever you might try to do to protect your material, the use of screen recording technology (eg Camtasia) means that a viewer can easily record your video.

But with a Video Bug, and screen grab or screen capture, will always show your brand, logo or message. Not so easy for a pirate to pass off as their own work!

Adding a graphic to your videos is easy.

Just upload your Gif, Jpeg or PNG to the "Upload a Watermark" in the Viral Branding section of the player

This image is saved for quick use on future videos

Part 2 - Viral Branding

Once you have put your brand, icon, logo or other graphic in the Viral Branding section, you can quickly preview it to see how it appears on your video

To make the image clickable, just add the url to the "Watermark Link"

That's it!

Now the the whole video has transparent overlay which is a hyperlink to the url you have added (not just your Video Bug)

See example below:

NB - the Video Bug is always aligned Top Right, the viewer must use the PlayBar to control the playback (any click on the video will re-direct) and the link will work in 'Full Screen' mode

Click on the Video Bug example below, which redirects to How do I protect my videos

If you watch the video through to the end you will see our new redirect feature too!

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