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Download Link at ezs3? I've uploaded my file to my Amazon s3 account, how do I provide a link for my viewers to download it? Say a download here link in an email? Or even a torrent link?

Not everyone who uses eZs3 to upload video and audios files to their Amazon s3 account, wants them to play online on a web page, blog or eBay auction. Some users want to provide a download link for their viewers. This method can also be used for pdf, zip, doc, or any other file types that would be directly downloaded by the viewer.

There are 2 ways to do this:-

  1. Copy and paste download link into web page - (requires an offline player or program to view the file)
  2. Create Vidget and use download link Widget

1. Copy download link

Here's a quick step-by-step and a screen grab to show how to get the URL of the file. Once you have that, you can use it in an email or hyperlink

1. In eZs3, just navigate to the file and then to 'View File Options'

2. On the right hand side there is a Download File link

3. Right click it to get the pop-out list

4. Click on 'copy link location' to get the url of the file

5. Paste into your email or hyperlink on your web page

Add a note to your webpage telling your viewers to right click and save the file - this will start the download

Want to 'mask' the address? - Just use a url shortening site like http://www.scissurl.com/

One word of warning, if you are providing Flash video for downloading and viewing 'offline'
- you will have to check your viewers have a player
Although the Flash Player is the most popular online video viewing format - many people do not have an offline Flash player!



The link you are right-clicking on in your eZs3 admin is the same link that would be pasted on your web-page

Whether the link starts to download straight away - depends on the settings of your browser

In the right-click pop-out menu, there should be an option to save the file

Download Link Video Tutorial

2. Create Vidget

This method means that your viewers can make the choice whether to view your video online or download and watch offline

They will still need an offline player if they decide to download your video

1. Create a player for your media

2. Go to the Vidget section and create a Vidget - Drag and drop the 'Download' Widget from the left hand list into the Vidget

3. Complete all the other sections for the Vidget and click Create Vidget

4. Preview your Vidget, you will see the Download option

5. Copy and paste the embed code to your web page

You can also add all the other interactive Widgets to your player - see 'Beginners Guide to Vidgets' below for more detail