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Amazon S3 Filenames - why your files show unexpected percentages - % - and may not work in some browsers and worse...

We notice some members use 'exotic' characters when naming their files

Typically they have used another service to upload their files to their S3 account - as our uploader has a bunch of warnings against this

DON'T DO IT.... WE CANNOT HELP YOU REMOVE THEM! We can't delete files with exotic characters We can't even access the folder

The most common 'exotic' character is a space between words which describe the file. Now you might not think a space is particularly important - but online it can wreck havok with your files!

The filenames which you set on your computer for ease of use and remembering, when uploading the file to your Amazon account, the name is carried over. Which you then use as the core reference for creating your players etc

However, this can have adverse effects to your finished video.

Filenames on the internet should only contain alpha numeric characters. Browsers will interpret the filename and if it is not alpha-numeric there's no guarantee the file will show (or your video will play)

And if you have used an exotic character, you may find that you can't access the file for later editing or even the folder the file is in.

This means you won't be able to edit or delete any other files in that folder and the folder itself.

So, when using Amazon S3... remember no exotic characters

Instead of using a space between words, use an underscore

And try not to use foreign or accented characters, or any other punctuation.

This will make sure that all your players work correctly.