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Welcome Mac users - here's what you need to know

We have many Mac users who are members, here at eZs3.com

Here's what we have discovered:

There are update timing clashes between the Mac and Java platforms - it is easy to get caught out!

Depending on your own settings (and what Mac have released to support Java) our uploader may not work

You can change your settings to get a Mac version that supports the latest version of Java..


Try our new Desktop File Manager


You can use one of the other new Amazon s3 Uploader Services

To ensure that you have the latest version of java installed on your computer. You can download it here - http://www.java.com

We offer Quick time support - if your videos are in Quicktime, you can simply upload and embed

If you want to use flash and are looking to re-render there's a software that works for a mac. It's called iSkysoft (www.iskysoft.com) and it's available for download for $35 plus some install fee of $3.95.