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Amazon s3 access key don't work? Hey...I just signed up for eZs3 and when I try to add my keys your system keeps saying there's an error?

Even though you have an Amazon account - you haven't got an S3 account and so the keys are not active

Amazon for some reason known only to themselves, have created a two-stage sign up process.

You first of all have to sign up to use their general web services, and then you have to tell them specifically that you want to use Amazon S3.

To do this, go to http://aws.amazon.com/s3, and click on the 'Sign Up to Use this Service' on the right hand side.

...But that's not all!

The screencaps I took below show that you might think you have your keys.. when in fact you have a Free S3 account - which is NOT live.. until your card details have been verified - so the Keys will NOT work

You MUST set up your payment on the S3 service - enter your card details etc. etc. and WAIT until they have made a test transaction.

Until you get a CONFIRMATION email - you are not set

Please don't ask us why they show your access key and secret key on your account pages.. they are NOT LIVE.

Here's the screenshots I took...

----- If you don't see an account number.. you don't have a S3 account!

Check your Usage Report - if the card hasn't been verified, you'll see this message:

After the card has been verified, your account status changes:

I had to click around for a while - so not sure which of the links it was that took me to the COMPLETE YOUR SIGNUP page ! (please let me know)