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eZs3 Membership Options

Here's how to join eZs3 and use our service to help manage your media on Amazon S3

What's does it cost?
Personal membership of eZs3 starts with a $1 fourteen day trial.
We want you to test drive the service to make sure it's everything we claim

Remember, you will also need your OWN Amazon S3 hosting account

We have 2 levels of Membership:

Personal User - Single user account - - charged at $20 per month
Business User - Multi user account - - From $30 per month

The only difference is that Business Membership allows more team members to access the Amazon S3 account and to manage the players at eZs3

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Remember, here's what you get with eZs3!

  • Easy to upload your media to your Amazon S3 hosting account
  • Easy file management
  • Easy to create Image Galleries (unlimited)
  • Easy to create Audio and Video media players (unlimited)
  • Audio player option includes clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
  • Video player option includes clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
  • Easy to create audio juke-boxes
  • Easy to create video juke-boxes
  • Jukeboxes have clickable images (includes click-through tracking)
  • Easily and instantly edit and update players across all sites
  • Simple to paste embed code
  • Simple code for your online advertising partners
  • Simple code for your affilates
  • Easily embed video and audio onto eBay auctions and eBay classified ads
  • Comprehensive stats
  • Click-through tracking