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Stop thieves from stealing your bandwidth with the
Hotlink Protector!

But...what is Hot Linking?

When you embed a video on your website, you are paying Amazon for the bandwidth so that your viewers can watch your presentation. It may even be exclusive to paying customers.

Video Piracy

But if someone discovers the location of the file they could copy the URL and paste it on another site. Not only allowing others to watch your content, but also making you pay(!) for it!

This is called HotLinking

Well, with the Hot Link Protector, you can restrict your file - so that if someone pastes the file address elsewhere, it will only be live for a limited time - IMPROVED - one minute

After that - the link will expire and the video will no longer play. Your original viewers will be able to watch the video, but if any of them send on the file location - it won't work - crippling playback piracy!

So the Hot Link Protector stops thieves from stealing my bandwidth, does it do any other cool stuff?

With the Hot Link Protector you can choose when the video is active

Choose a start time and date - before that your video will not play. You can embed your video as normal, but it will not start until the moment you have specified.

You can also choose an end date and time - after this time your video will have expired and no longer be available.

You can choose:-

  • no start or end time - just prevent hotlinking
  • only a start time - ideal for a launch
  • only an end time - use with an expiring offer or coupon
  • both a start and end time - complete control over access to your content
It is completely flexible!

More cool stuff - Show a custom message!

Change font

Add an image

Include a link

You don't need to worry about embedding a video last minute or removing it when you don't want viewers to access it any more - instead give them a message.

When your video is not available - if you have chosen a start or end time - you can show a custom message.

Use any text you want - and change the colouring using the player colour settings.

Use HTML formatting to make your message big, bold, underlined - whatever you want!

You can also use HTML to add images to your message, such as of your product or of yourself.

How much of my content can I protect with the Hot Link Protector?

The Hot Link Protector is available for every player type you can make with eZs3 except for Image Galleries and Vidgets.

That means you can use the Hot Link Protector to protect your:-

  • MP4 HTML5 players
  • MP4 Standard players
  • MP3 audio players
  • FLV videos
  • WMV videos
  • MOV videos
  • PDF documents
  • SWF players
  • Camtasia Studio Productions

So whatever format you use, you can protect your content.

Get the Hot Link Protector now for only $149.97

Want to pay by PayPal?

Please note:- this feature is only available to eZs3 subscribers