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Underlay Module

Time to unleash your video marketing potential?

Do you want to use the power of video to build your traffic, increase sales, improve conversions and even get higher bids on your auctions?

Are you itching to build your list with Video?

Are you fed-up with ugly looking opt-in pages?

Want to get people to 'take action' when your video has finished?

Well now you can do all this and more with the eZs3 Underlay Extension for Flash Videos (compatible with flv / mp4 and mp3 only)

Introducing... "The Underlay"

The Underlay Extension is a module which allows you to control the action when your flash video has finished

What do you want your viewer to do...
Click on a button?
Fill in a survey?
Opt In?
Pay with PayPal?
Go to your affiliate landing page?

Now you really can unleash your marketing potential!

Because we make it soooo easy!

That's right, with the Underlay, you can automatically re-direct to another web page.. or show a banner, a buy button, a cart button, a paypal button... at able, a graph, a pdf download... start a survey... or show your opt-in form to build your list!

It's a very powerful and flexible system.. but it has a super simple interface
All you do is paste in your code!

Choose whether to redirect your viewers to another page - eg One-time-offer page, landing page, squeeze page or affiliate web site (Amazon, eBay, clickbank etc etc)

Or whether you want to interact with them!

You create your HTML eg opt-in form, survey, banner-ad, order button, subscription form, paypal button etc etc (in fact whatever HTML you wish to run!)

Simply connect your code to the video and that's it!

When the video finishes your HTML will be triggered

Check it out...!

MP4 videos using the Underlay

MP3 audio using the Underlay

Get The Underlay for your account at the price of $69.97. This is a 'one-time-only' payment

Only Available to eZs3 Members

Want to pay by PayPal?

(This one-off payment will add The Underlay to your account...
But ONLY if you use your registered eZs3 user email address when you place your order!)