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eZs3 turns your Amazon s3 hosting account into a media service.

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What is eZs3?

eZs3 is a media service for independent producers who have their own Amazon S3 account and want to spend more time deploying their video & audio and less time programming

eZs3 offers a comprehensive tool-kit with a 'push-button-easy' dashboard where you can upload your web-ready media files then choose your player preferences - colours, designs, features etc.... even make them interactive!

eZs3 gives you an easy to use embed code that you simply paste into your web page - whatever your host, from membership sites and WordPress blogs to eBay sales pages

  • No middleman fees and charges
  • By having your own Amazon S3 account you pay the market rates direct from Amazon

  • You retain all your rights and intellectual property
  • You keep ownership of all your content - we only act as a gateway to your S3 account so you can manage your media

  • You get World Class server management and reliability
  • Amazon S3 have a 99.99% reliability guarantee and scalable services which automatically change to meet your needs

What is Amazon S3?

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online service provided by Amazon.com, that allows web designers to store large amounts of data online

  • S3 is free to join, and is a pay-as-you-go sevice, meaning you only ever pay for any of the hosting and bandwidth costs that you use, making it very attractive for start-up companies looking to minimize costs

  • On top of this, the fully scalable, fast and reliable service provided by Amazon, makes it highly attractive to web designers all over the world

  • Amazon offer S3 as a hosting system dependent on your geographic location, currently offering datacenters in the US, Europe and Asia. Prices of the service are dependent on your location

  • Amazon also provides the CloudFront service. Your files are copied to servers around the world and your viewers access the nearest copy, reducing loading time and speeding up playback.

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What are the cool features of eZs3?

  • Cool player features

  • Choose from over 12 player skins
    Add branding to your video by including a watermark
    Hide player controls so your video can't be skipped or stopped

  • Quick Players

  • Create a player in 2 clicks using your favourite settings

  • Bulk Creator

  • Create players for a whole batch of videos at once, saving a huge amount of time

  • Vidgets & Quick Vidgets

  • Add your own banner ads to your videos
    Include favourite ratings, social media sharing buttons & share links
    Create an RSS feed

  • Upload, convert & manage

  • Upload content to your Amazon S3 account
    Manage your S3 files and folders
    Convert your videos to MP4 to play on iPad and smartphones

  • Business Accounts

  • Add extra users to your account - ideal for your tech guy or video editor

  • Premium Features

  • *The Underlay* - show a buy now button, an opt in form or redirect to another URL

    *The Overlay* - interrupt your video with an opt in form

    *The Hot Link Protector* - stop thieves from stealing your bandwidth

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Use Amazon S3 and eZs3 in combo!

Yes, Amazon S3 is the ultimate hosting solution for your media, but why exactly do you need eZs3? Here are the top five answers!

  1. We take you through the whole process, from upload to embed!
  2. One of the main reason we built eZs3 was to make our lives easier.

    We link directly to your Amazon S3 account, so you can upload a video, create a player and then get the embed code in instants.

    We are constantly rolling out new time saving features, designed to make your life easier too!

  3. Edit your players at any time!
  4. eZs3 allows you to go back and edit your players at any time.

    Any changes that you make, will automatically be applied to the players that you have embedded on any of your websites. Control the style of your media from one place!

  5. You retain ownership of your content!
  6. With eZs3, as you are using your own hosting account, you retain complete ownership of anything you upload.

  7. You control any branding on your media!
  8. When you upload files to free hosts like YouTube and Metacafe, they automatically add their branding to your files. With eZs3, this is NOT the case.

    When you embed files in your website using eZs3, you get to decide what branding (if any!) is added to your content.

  9. We're Approachable!
  10. We have help in place with guides, video tutorials and the Support Forum which we always try to reply to as soon as possible!

    Also, if you have a killer feature that you think would make eZs3 even better, let us know and we'll add it to the Ultimate Wishlist!

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