New – faster video playback for viewers in India


Amazon S3 have announced the addition of two more edge servers; located in Chennai and Mumbai, India

This adds more coverage to the existing network of 40 edge servers in the Amazon CloudFront service

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New CloudFront edge sever added – Seoul, Korea


Amazon S3 has just announced (today) a new edge server in their CloudFront service

It’s based in Seoul, Korea

It joins Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka as edge servers in Asia

This means your viewers in Asia can now expect even quicker playback and no stuttering or pausing from your video

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Amazon AWS Elastic Transcoder – convert your video to be web-ready in minutes!


Amazon AWS have announced their cloud-based transcoder, allowing you to convert your video to web-ready settings in minutes

Their existing infrastructure means the conversions are quick, scalable and reliable – they also encode directly into the video and codec specifications that eZs3 recommend

However, during our testing we noticed straight away that there was an issue with the moov atom and metadata being set at the back of the file – Amazon quickly fixed this – making the final renderings fit for the web

But there are three main points to watch out for when using the encoder for internet-proof video

3 main things we have noticed from our testing:-

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