New! Responsive player – re-size your video to fit on any screen – from TV to tablets to smartphones


Do you want your viewers to be able to watch your video on PCs, TVs, smartphones, tablets, phablets and more?

Frustrated that your video appears tiny on a large screen or can only see a portion of your video on a smaller one?

Do you want that video to effortlessly re-size to fit their screen?

Well now you can in just a few clicks!

You simply create a player as normal, with two special steps

Step 1 – Make sure that you tick the ‘Responsive Player’ box

Step 2 – Make sure you select one of the stretching options so that your video will up- or down-size according to the screen

Then click Create

When you have your new responsive player, you get two codes to embed

The first embed code is the regular one and can be embedded as normal on a webpage or blogpost

The second one is a JQUERY snippet and need to be embedded in your header – you can do this with your website editor or CMS – if you get stuck, just get in touch with your webmaster or web support guy/gal

And that’s it – your video will now re-size responsively to meet any screen!

You can check out our example here – Responsive Example Page – re-size your browser and watch the video scale up and down

Existing members can use this feature now – here’s our tutorial

Happy viewing!

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