Amazon AWS Elastic Transcoder – convert your video to be web-ready in minutes!


Amazon AWS have announced their cloud-based transcoder, allowing you to convert your video to web-ready settings in minutes

Their existing infrastructure means the conversions are quick, scalable and reliable – they also encode directly into the video and codec specifications that eZs3 recommend

However, during our testing we noticed straight away that there was an issue with the moov atom and metadata being set at the back of the file – Amazon quickly fixed this – making the final renderings fit for the web

But there are three main points to watch out for when using the encoder for internet-proof video

3 main things we have noticed from our testing:-

1 – Different regions have different prices – so check prices before you start

At the time of press there are 6 different regions where the encoding can be done

Check out current prices here


2 – Make sure you use accepted file and folder names

Web content is restricted in the use of characters for creating file names for your video and bucket names for storage

Basically, stick to alphanumeric lower case names and you will be fine (0-9 and a-z)

Here is our comprehensive guide on correct file names


3 – You need to change permissions after converting

Permissions are automatically set to none for all users by the encoder, which means that users will not be able to play it

So you will need to manually alter the ACL of your files

Follow the eZs3 guide on changing permissions


For a walk through on using the new Amazon Elastic Transcoder, check out our guide here

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