Android detection added to eZs3 players for auto-switch to HTML5

android detection ezs3 tablet mobile HTML5 fallback

For a long time eZs3 have had iPad, iPhone and iPod detection – if your viewer was watching from their Apple mobile/tablet we automatically switch to HTML5, ensuring that your customer could continue to watch your video

This was in response to Apple’s refusal to integrate Flash with its mobile devices. So we added HTML5 fallback, which meant that your video would instead play in the native Apple player

To add iWare detection to your eZs3 videos, all you need is an MP4 video/MP3 audio and to use a HTML5 player

Adobe announced last year┬áthat it would not be releasing a version of Flash for mobile devices on the Android platform which were running Android 4.1 (known as JellyBean) onwards. Instead video would play in the native player for Android or in the device’s browser using HTML5

All new HTML5 players created at eZs3 will automatically include Android detection – so if your customers are watching from their Samsung S3 or viewing with their Nexus 10 – video will playback seamlessly as the fallback to HTML5 is triggered as soon as your webpage loads

To add Android detection to your existing HTML5 players, you need to rebuild your MP4 and MP3 players – find out how with our handy guide (for members only)

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