There are two embed codes – a javascript one and a HTML one – which one should I use and why?


Five reasons to use the javascript embed code when you create your HTML5 compatible MP4 player

When you create a player at eZs3, you get two embed codes

One is in javascript code and the other is plain HTML code

You can see each of them by clicking on the tabs to switch between embed codes – when previewing your player

javascript embed code eZs3 HTML5 video

We recommend that you use the javascript embed code – and here’s why:-

  1. works on the iPad
  2. it auto-updates
  3. you can use a timed link
  4. premium features including the Overlay and the Underlay
  5. increased security

1 – iPad compaibility

If you want all your hard work to be appreciated by everybody, including those on an iPad, then you need to use a HTML5 skin

HTML5 skins are only available with the javascript embed code – so that your embedded videos can play across all devices that are not Flash-supported (including Android 4.2 onwwards)

2 – Auto-updating whenever and wherever your video is embedded

By using the javascript embed code, when you make changes to your player, these changes will be reflected wherever your video is embedded – you won’t need to go to the webpage and re-paste in any code – the changes are pushed out automatically

This includes:-

  • updating old players to a new HTML5 skin
  • changing player colours
  • adding or editing the start image

3 – Timed link for increased security and launches/special offers

If you are launching a new product or running a time-sensitive special offer, you can use the Hot Link Protector to set a start/end time for your video – and show a custom message before/after your video is available

You can also increase the security of your video, as people will be unable to hotlink to your video and steal your bandwidth

4 – The Overlay and the Underlay

If you want to use the Overlay to interrupt your video with a sign-up form or are using the Underlay to show a buy now button, re-direct to your squeeze page or shopping cart, you need to use the javascript embed code

5 – Increased security for your player

The Hot Link Protector (in point 3) stops video pirates from stealing your bandwidth, but you can also protect your embed code

Tech-savvy people can take your embed code from your webpage and embed it on their own website – making it seem like their video. But you can enable Encode URL – which will lock the embed code to your domain. So if they do paste the embed code on their webpage, it won’t play and will show an error message instead.

This feature is only available with the javascript embed code.

In summary, five great reasons to use the javascript embed code – to learn more click here.

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