Improved Hotlink Protector – protects your content even quicker to cripple video piracy!

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What does the Hot Link Protector (HLP) do?

Well, it stops video pirates from piggybacking your bandwidth

If a video thief finds the URL of your video file, they can link their own player to it – and you(!) have to pay for the hosting!

With the Hotlink Protector you can set your file to private, so others can’t download it

Then, we create a special expiring link that allows only your viewers access to the video via your player – so they can watch it through your channels solely

What’s the improvement?

Previously the link expired after an hour, which meant that a bandwidth raider had up to an hour to share your link

We have slashed this down to 60 seconds – crippling the possibility of video piracy

Can I still use the HLP to show a custom message before my launch or when my special offer expires?

YES! You can still set a start time and date, before which your video will not play, and create a custom message to show up to then

And YES! You can set a finish date and time, after which your video will no longer play and show a custom message once your video has expired

Take a look now at the HLP in action!

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