Fast Start in Apple Quicktime – how to solve your video loading torment and metadata misery

quicktime eZs3 faststart metadata not loading

If you have ever noticed that you are staring at the Quicktime logo for prolonged periods of time before your video loads, it could be related to a metadata issue.

Quicktime .mov files suffer from the same issues that plague .mp4 files, which is the location of the dreaded moov atom. The moov atom is a small portion of the metadata, which has the information needed to add the play controls to your video content. If you are hosting your content online for a progressive distribution and do not choose to place the moov atom at the front of the file, then you will get the long loading times where a the Quicktime logo will appear while the entire video is being downloaded into the browser’s cache.

There are fixes to this problem, but instead it is better to select the proper setting when exporting with Quicktime.


Exporting with Quicktime click the options button

If you are using iMovie or Quicktime Pro, you will have to select the options under export.

Select Fast Start under Prepare for Internet Streaming

Inside the options window you will see at the bottom is a selection to Prepare for Internet Streaming, and the default is Fast Start, which correctly positions the moov atom for web playback. Choosing this setting before encoding your final file will save you and your viewers some headaches in the future.

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