I want my video to fill the screen – how do I get it to stretch out and go fullscreen?


When you create your player at eZs3, you usually create it with dimensions that fit into your webpage and can be viewed across a range of devices

But sometimes you will want your viewer to watch it back in full screen mode

However, when a viewer clicks on the full screen button, instead of the video stretching out to fill the whole screen – you have black lines around your video

Or your video stays the same size and the rest of the screen seems to turn black

fullscreen not enabled black lines eZs3 stretching

This can easily be fixed – just go to edit player (or create player for a new one) for MP4/FLV videos

In Player Settings there is an option called Player Stretching

All you have to do is enable one of the options that isn’t Noneoptions for stretching full screen eZs3

These are the effects of the other options:-

  • Fill – maintains aspect ratio and stretches until covers the screen completely, may lose some edges
  • Uniform – maintains aspect ratio and stretches until two sides touch the screen edge, may leave black edges at the other two sides
  • Exact-fit – stretches video until it covers screen, doesn’t maintain aspect ratio

We would recommend uniform as this means none of your content will be lost over the edges, but aspect ratio will be maintained meaning your face won’t be stretched really long or really wide

(The hilarious effects of exact-fit stretching on Tom Cone, eZs3 founder and Doug Richard, School for StartUps)

exact-fit stretching option eZs3 fullscreen

Edit the player to apply changes and refresh your webpage

The video will now show correctly in full screen mode

fullscreen enabled eZs3 stretching

You can set this option to be automatic for new players if you use Quick Player templates


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