Are you getting a video not found or access denied error message for S3 videos? Learn the quick fix!

Video not found access denied Amazon S3 eZs3 ACL permissions

If you are getting a video not found or access denied error message for your Amazon S3 videos, at eZs3 we have a quick fix for making sure this doesn’t happen again!

Firstly, what’s causing the error message?

Well, the permissions for your file are set to not allow users to view your video

Permissions are also called file access, ACL and rights to view

But what does that mean? And why does that happen?

When you upload your video to Amazon S3, permissions are automatically applied to it – permissions that allow you (the owner) to view the file (watch it),¬†edit¬† it (re-name) and delete it – without these permissions you wouldn’t be able to manage your content

Permissions are also set for authenticated users – this is a bit more complicated but in essence you can allow other people access to your files (i.e. for editing/sharing) but we provide a more simple solution with business user plans

The final set of permissions are public – i.e. for the world at large

When you upload with some S3 uploaders, they set permissions to none for the public – which means that viewers on your website can’t see the video – and so you get the error message

You should see this message when you create your eZs3 player and preview it. And also after you embed your player on your webpage – you will have ‘video not found’ in white text on a black screen with the file location

Video not found access denied Amazon S3 eZs3 ACL permissions

Okay, so I know the cause. How do I fix it?

Fixing it is fairly easy – browse to your video in eZs3 and click on our easy to use buttons to swap permissions

Set it so it appears the same as the screen below

eZs3 Amazon S3 permissions ACL video not found

**Don’t forget to click on Modify File Access to apply settings**

Here is the eZs3 guide on the whole process

But I don’t want to do this all the time, isnt there a better, more permanent fix?

Well, YES!

The answer is simple, use an eZs3 uploader!

Both of our uploaders automatically set correct permissions when you upload a file – whether a MP4 video or MP3 audio

(Also for WMV, MOV, SWF video, Camtasia screen capture, PDF document, PNG, GIF, JPG Image)

Even better, we only allow correct file and folder names – automatically re-naming on upload so you don’t have to worry about it

Find our web uploader in your eZs3 account or download the eZs3 Desktop File Manager to use when not logged in to your eZs3 account

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