New edge location of Madrid, Spain added to Amazon CloudFront for faster playback in Europe


Amazon AWS have announced another new edge location for their CloudFront service

The new location of Madrid, Spain means that even faster connection and playback is now possible in Europe

Amazon CloudFront is a network of ‘edge’ servers – when you have CloudFront enabled, all of your videos are copied to these edge servers

A viewer then accesses the closest version geographically when they watch your video – the shorter the distance your video file has to go, the quicker the playback and the less likely you are to have buffering or quality loss in your video

By adding even more edge server location, Amazon CloudFront continue to improve their service and so yours too!

As with normal Amazon S3, you only pay for what you use and the service is automatically scaled to meet your demands, so peaks in local viewing can be met without downtime or crashing

Below is a map of all current locations for Amazon CloudFront edge servers which now include:-

United States Europe Asia South America
Ashburn, VA (2) Amsterdam (2) Hong Kong Sao Paulo
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2) Dublin Osaka
Jacksonville, FL Frankfurt (2) Singapore (2)
Los Angeles, CA (2) London (2) Sydney
Miami, FL Madrid Tokyo (2)
New York, NY (2) Milan
Newark, NJ Paris (2)
Palo Alto, CA Stockholm
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
South Bend, IN
St. Louis, MO


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