Try to keep your bitrate low to stop your video loading slow


What is bitrate?

Bitrate is the amount of data transmitted each second for your video – the higher your bitrate, the slower your video will load – this can be seem in buffering, pausing and even blurring of your video

Bit rate can be lowered by following our top ten tips when creating and editing your video – aiming for a lower bitrate will reduce your hosting costs, bandwidth fees and speed up playback for your customers

At eZs3 we recommend a maximum of 5mb/minute

What does this mean?

Bitrate = filesize ÷ duration

Filesize is in Megabytes or Mb and duration is the total time length of your video, in minutes

So, let’s say we had a video that was 12Mb and 4 minutes long

12 ÷ 4 = 3

So our video would have a bitrate of 3Mb/minute – well within the eZs3 recommended limit

Your bitrate can vary depending on your quality settings (resolution), output size (i.e. video dimensions), frame rate and the content of your recording (high-action shots vs. head shot)

By targeting a specific bit rate when you shoot, edit and render your video, you can target specific internet connection speeds which can be influenced by:

  • devices – desktop vs. mobile
  • audiences – fibre-optic cable vs. cellular network
  • locations – each country varies

Learn more about targeting your bitrate here

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