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Firstly – you have to see all of the great eZs3 features here – eZs3 Features list – then you will see what eZs3 is offering, and what you can try out in our 14 day road test – FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR!

Also – learn how we link directly to your Amazon S3 account to give you full control of your media – Amazon S3 integration – so you manage your S3 account from inside the eZs3 homepage panel, including creating folders, uploading videos and setting up streaming CloudFronts


So, once you have had a look around the site and seen the premium features like:

And the standard features such as:

But you aren’t sure if eZs3 is right for your business?

You don’t know if it really will save you time, make your videos look great and make video easy..

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For only one dollar you can road-test eZs3 for 14 days – try out all of our standard features – create buckets at Amazon S3, upload your videos, create HTML5 enabled players that look great, set security features, add vidgets, set templates and create bundles of players in seconds, enable start images, include a clickable logo, update a ton of players in one go, set up streaming and check out your stats.

That sound like plenty to get your teeth into for 2 weeks?

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