Get MP4 help from the Tag Cloud


At eZs3 we recommend using MP4 for the following reasons:-

– playback on all devices

since Apple announced that its new device – the iPhone (yes, some time ago!) – wouldn’t be supporting Flash, we recommended the switch to MP4, as this format is not Flash dependent. With the proliferation of iPhone, iPods and iPads, restricting yourself to Flash formats means that there is a huge audience you will be missing out on

– high quality, low bandwidth

MP4 allows you to achieve a high quality video stream in a relatively low bandwidth – giving your viewer a better experience and costing you less – and all round win-win

– compatible with HTML5

as Adobe drop support for Flash on new Android devices and the web moves to HTML5, you want your video to be able to play on any browser and MP4 videos are compatible with our HTML5 player skins

– compatible with eZs3 Premium Features

MP4 video and MP3 audio are the only file types that are compatible with all eZs3 Premium features

However, MP4 does have some drawbacks..

  • common issues with metadata means long loading time
  • wrong codecs leads to no picture or no audio
  • encode at the wrong level for a target device

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel – we have created an MP4 Tag Cloud that covers what is MP4, common issues and best practice for encoding your video

Check it out here – MP4 Video Tag Cloud


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